Tom Comitta

Dr. Merritt

Τοm Сοmittа, Executive Director

Tοm, who holds a masters from California College of the Arts and two bachelors from Pennsylvania State University, has been serving the mental health care navigation needs of patients and family members at Merritt Mental Health since 2014. As director of outreach and manager of each client’s Comprehensive Referral Summary, he is devoted to finding providers and programs that fit the individualized needs and preferences of each client. Further, Tom is dedicated to high levels of client satisfaction and the highest standards of ethics in everything we do at Merritt Mental Health

At Merritt Mental Health Tom has additionally produced two care navigation books, Suicide Risk in the Bay Area: A Guide for Families, Physicians, Therapists, and Other Professionals and Addiction Care Navigation in the Bay Area: A Guide to Programs & Professionals. Before Merritt Mental Health, he earned an MFA in Writing and worked as writer and designer of numerous book projects. As a literary writer he has published both nationally and internationally and was recently included in the UK anthology of visual poetry, The New Concrete. For two years he was the Communications Director of Charles Morrow Productions, an international sound production company.

Tom lives in Los Angeles and enjoys biking and hiking.

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