Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call Merritt Mental Health during an emergency?

MMH is not an emergency hotline or an emergency hospital department. For all emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room in your city or town. One aim of MMH is, however, to equip patients and families during non-emergent times with best resources for handling crises and emergencies.

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What is a “Health Services Consultation”?

A Health Services Consultation is a 45-minute, non-clinical consultation designed to aid patients and family members to navigate the mental health system. It is not a diagnostic interview in which specific treatments are recommended or provided. It is an information session wherein the Care Navigator answers your questions and gathers information in order to provide you referrals to the “best next steps.”

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What is a “Care Navigator”?

A Care Navigator at Merritt Mental Health is an expert in navigating the mental health system. The Care Navigator works at the interface of your specific needs and requests and the mental health system. The Navigator conducts provider searches and program searches, taking into account your specific needs and finding you three vetted, high-quality referrals.

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How long does Care Navigation take?

If you sign up for Consultation & Simple Referrals, we will provide you with a list of referrals within 24 hours of your consultation. If you sign up for Comprehensive Care Navigation, your list of vetted, pre-accepted referrals will be provided within two weeks.

Are consultations confidential?

All consultations are confidential to the fullest extent allowable by law. In cases of risk of danger to self or danger to others, health care providers are required to take prudent action to prevent harm. Other than these instances and court orders, your information and records are kept fully confidential at MMH.

Does MMH accept insurance?

MMH is not “in-network” with any health insurance carrier.

Does MMH accept or give “kickbacks” or any other compensation for referrals?

No value at MMH is more important than that of maintaining our objectivity in the referrals we make to you. We accept no compensation or favors whatsoever from any outside healthcare entity for making referrals, and we give no compensation or favors for referrals made to MMH. We specifically request of all treatment centers, outpatient programs, hospitals and other clinicians that they give us no gifts, no matter how seemingly trivial. The American medical system is in the midst of a crisis of trust due to widespread conflicts of interest. Our explicit determination is to steer clear of all such entanglements so that you are always confident that our guidance and recommendations are based on one thing only—your best interests.

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What is the appointment cancellation policy of MMH?

You may cancel or change appointments times for consultations without charge up to 48 business hours before the appointment time. No refunds are made for cancellations made within the 48-hour window; the full cost of the appointment is charged. Thank you for your understanding.

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