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  • 28 March, 2014

    What Makes Merritt Mental Health Unique?

    Merritt Mental Health is a first-of-its-kind consulting practice that serves not only patients but, uniquely, concerned family members seeking advice and direction in mental health care. Merritt Mental Health recognizes the challenges experienced by a patient’s family and opens its doors gladly to your questions and requests through its Health Services Consultations.

    We provide individualized guidance that assures patients and family members of greater clarity in decision-making, greater ease of access to services, and heightened confidence that you are pursuing the plan that is right for you.

  • 28 March, 2014

    Prompt, Considerate Care

    Merritt Mental Health prides itself on its ready availability and responsiveness to clients. Appointments are typically available within three business days. If your need is more urgent, contact us to request an expedited consultation. Whenever possible, we will provide you with a same-day or next-day appointment.

    We believe in helping you when you need help. We believe in ease of access to expert knowledge and empathic guidance. These are top values and priorities of Merritt Mental Health and promises we keep to you.

  • 28 March, 2014

    Objective, Expert Advice

    Our mission at Merritt Mental Health is to provide the best guidance possible to those facing emotional crisis, relationship crisis, mental illness, or addiction. With your best interests always at heart, our aim is to help you or your loved one to get as well as possible as soon as possible.

    We understand that patients and families need a thoughtful, deliberate approach to mental health care and the assurance that recommendations and advice are objective and free of conflict of interest.

    Merritt Mental Health practices the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Neither Dr. Merritt nor anyone else at Merritt Mental Health benefits in any way from the recommendations and referrals we provide. All our guidance is based entirely on our best judgment and your best health interests.

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