The Model

The Model

Whether you are reaching out to us as a patient or as a concerned family member, our goal is to listen attentively to your concerns and to provide you with the best guidance and advice possible. At Merritt Mental Health you will not encounter top-down, doctor-knows-best recommendations or directives. As a first principle, we respect your autonomy and self-direction in mental health care. For this reason, while we offer considerate, evidence-based recommendations, you remain at all times in the driver’s seat, ultimately deciding on the plan that is right for you.

Assessment & Needs Identification

In this phase of the consultation, we discuss the primary problems causing you concern. We look at past history, the solutions you have tried so far, and your personal values and goals as signposts to indicate the best direction for moving forward.

What are you hoping to accomplish? What are your long-term goals as they relate to mental health, work/school, and relationships? Where, geographically, do you wish to pursue treatment? What level of treatment best fits your needs—standard outpatient, intensive outpatient, residential, or alternative pathways to wellness? Finally, what health insurance plan do you carry, and what is your ability to pay for treatments not covered by your policy?

As a cornerstone of what we do, we are committed always to understanding your values and goals. Your values and goals are the springboard of our dialogue with you and, ultimately, for the recommendations we make as best next steps.

Dialogue & Plan Formation

Understanding your history and needs, Merritt Mental Health is able to make recommendations for immediate and long-term steps you or your loved one can take on the pathway to wellness. Our model is one of engagement and collaboration. Establishing a client-specific plan is an iterative process strongly dependent upon client preferences. We listen to you carefully and respectfully. Together, we brainstorm on the best next steps.

Care Coordination

Identifying high-quality doctors, therapists, and other mental health resources is a significant challenge in the American health care system. Securing timely appointments and admissions are additional challenges patients and family members consistently confront. Affordability is another. Often, those in the greatest need of coordinated mental health care are often those who face the greatest barriers to successful care.

One of the inspirations behind Merritt Mental Health was to help patients and families navigate these pitfalls and successfully connect with the best care possible for their conditions and circumstances. Our approach incorporates respect for your personal preferences as well as consideration of the constraints imposed by health insurance and family financial resources.


No component of our work with patients and families is more critical than continuity. During the initial development of a client-specific plan, we get to know you. You get to know us. We do our best in a time-sensitive and cost-conscious manner to guide you onto a pathway of wellness.

Continuity is the heart and soul of getting well. Continuity, therefore, is the heart and soul of Merritt Mental Health. In the event you encounter obstacles after our initial work together, your willingness to revisit the planning process with us represents the most essential pathway of all.

The Model
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