Addiction Care Navigation in the Bay Area

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9 am           Opening Remarks

9:30 am     Adult and Family Case Studies: Treatment & Care Navigation

10:30 am   Youth and Family Case Studies: Treatment & Care Navigation

12 pm        Lunch

1 pm          Networking Round Robin

2 pm          End of Workshop

Howard Kornfeld, M.D. is a leader in the utilization of the opioid pain medication, buprenorphine, and is particularly skilled in the assessment and treatment of opiate and other chemical dependencies, chronic pain and problems with alcohol. He the founding medical director at the Alameda County Medical Center’s Pain Management and Functional Restoration Clinic and founded and directs Recovery Without Walls, which specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, chemical dependency, and prescription medication management issues.

Rosemary O’Connor, C.P.C. is an author, speaker, leading expert and spokesperson on women, children, and addiction, and an outreach manager for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation where she helps people find treatment resources to save lives and restore families from substance abuse and addiction. She founded ROC Recovery Services, which provides recovery coaching, life coaching, consulting, and treatment placement, and is a Hazelden Author of the book A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery.

David E. Smith, M.D. specializes in addiction medicine, the psycho-pharmacology of drugs, new research strategies in the management of drug abuse problems, and proper prescribing practices for physicians. He is the Founder of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics of San Francisco, Chair of Addiction Medicine at Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services, and is co-author of the textbook Clinician’s Guide to Substance Abuse.

Kristina Wandzilak, C.A.S., C.I.P. is an interventionist, national presenter, television expert and author. She is the Executive Director and the founder of Full Circle Intervention, which brings respectful and effective intervention solutions to families caught in the crisis of untreated addiction. She is the co-author of the critically acclaimed memoir, The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter’s Worst Nightmare. Kristina has expanded Full Circle to include, long term recovery care, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and a premier sober living community.

Eli Merritt, M.D. is a psychiatrist and the founder of Merritt Mental Health, a consulting and care navigation practice that helps patients and family members across the spectrum of mental health care needs. In 2015 he published a book entitled Suicide Risk in the Bay Area: A Guide for Families, Physicians, Therapists, and Other Professionals, which has been featured in publications and radio programs across the Bay Area, as well as Michael Krazny’s Forum on NPR.

Course Description
This first-of-its-kind workshop will boost participants’ knowledge and skills in two vital areas of addiction health care: 1) assessment & management and 2) care navigation & care coordination. Using a case-based approach, participants will learn appropriate treatments to recommend to patients and families and, as the workshop’s most unique feature, specific doctors, therapists, treatment centers, and programs in the Bay Area to refer to and collaborate with in order to maximize clinical outcomes.

Participants will receive a free copy of Addiction Care Navigation in the Bay Area: A Resource Guide.

Target Audience
Physicians, therapists, and allied health professionals interested in making successful referrals and maximizing health outcomes for patients and families suffering from addictive disorders.

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of the workshop participants should be able to:

  • Assess and diagnose addictive disorders
  • Develop appropriate treatment plans for addictive disorders
  • Identify appropriate Bay Area referrals, including doctors, therapists, interventionists, treatment centers, IOPs, groups, family programs, family coaches, and other professionals involved in the treatment of this patient population.

Free Care Navigation Guide
The workshop will harness the power of the community to generate a resource guide of Bay Area physicians and therapists expert in the treatment of addictive disorders as well as recommended interventionists, family programs, family coaches, sober companions, detox centers, treatment centers, IOPs, and other individuals and organizations dedicated to serving this population. These resources will be compiled into Addiction Care Navigation in the Bay Area: A Resource Guide and distributed free to participants after the workshop.

Related Book
Suicide Risk in the Bay Area is a care navigation guide released by Dr. Merritt in 2015. It combines a suicide prevention resource directory, containing over 300 local resources, with a step-by-step guide on how to assess, manage, and talk about suicide risk. Of Suicide Risk in the Bay Area, Dr. Renée Binder, president of the American Psychiatric Association said, “This book deserves to be on the desks of every mental health professional who lives and works in the Bay Area.” This book is available on Amazon.

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